Storchen Zürich
Weinmarkt 2
8001 Zurich
T + 41 44 227 27 27


The hospitality of the Storchen Zürich has been renowned for more than 650 years. Due to its unique position in the heart of the Limmat city, our guests at our traditional first class establishment enjoy Zürich at its best.

Whether at the reception, at the Conciergerie, in the Rôtisserie or on the Terrasse, in the classical Storchen-Bar, in our trendy Barchetta, in the Boulevard Café or even in our elegant hotel lobby, our long tradition of hospitality, together with our warm and personal service, can be enjoyed throughout the hotel.
It is not known exactly how the hotel got its name «Zum Storchen». Legend has it that the name was adopted after a pair of rare black storks nested on its roof. In 1357 the «Hus zum Storchen» was mentioned in the tax records for the city of Zürich for the first time and just over 100 years later, it was specifically described as an inn.

From our classic single rooms to our Storchen Suite we have 66 rooms and suites at your disposal, each with its unique view of the River Limmat or of the picturesque old city of Zürich. With every one of our rooms offering a combination of classic furnishings, together with warm colours and modern facilities, we are sure you will find us to be your «home away from home». With the flexibility of inter-connecting rooms as well as top quality extra beds and cots, we can cater for all your requirements.

Whether in the Rôtisserie, in the Storchen-Bar, in the Barchetta or in our Boulevard-Café - our employees, with their creativity, knowledge and warm hospitality invite our guests to be spoilt.

The Storchen Zürich, situated in the heart of Zürich's old city, offers several tasteful function rooms of varying sizes for business events and family celebrations for up to 100 people.
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